McFly Mixtape

Some songs I like.

  1. I’m too lazy for this now.

    Stop by though, if you wanna. S’ok.

  2. Hey Young World by Fashawn

  3. The Set Up by Obie Trice ft. Nate Dogg

  4. Can’t Win for Losing by Little Brother

  5. Relax by Das Racist

  6. Spread Yo Shit by Obie Trice

  7. The Panties by Mos Def

  8. Coochie by Blakroc featuring ODB and Ludacris

  9. One Fudge by El Fudge

    One fudge is a weird thing to say. If I was listening to this on the bus and saying “one fudge, one fudge” people might think I have suspect management of my free time.

  10. Forever by Ghostface Killah